REVIEW: Boots Essentials ♥

Hey Ladies,

I’ve missed this! If you’re a blogger, you’d know that a whole day has to be committed to writing a blog, even just one.. You have to get everything together, get all your photos, all of your information in like a brainstorm type thing (yes, that’s why you learned how to brainstorm all those years ago).

I’ll go down through the products in the way that I would use them! In that case, we’ll start with;
Cleansing wipes;. 11760234_1187802231245630_6579946030503271374_n
I have to be honest, I’ve only used these a number of times before. I don’t constantly use them and you’ll be pleased to know the reason why! I actually just find the rest of the products work wonders with removing makeup, dead skin, excess oils etc.. I just got these again because they are quite nice on the skin and I would definitely use them on the days/nights I’m too lazy to go through the whole routine! I actually love all of the Boots Essential products and they smell divine too and the best part, which I’m sure will make you hop in your car now to go and purchase, £1.50 or GET THIS ‘3 FOR £3’, so buy 2 get third free, in all boots stores and online! Can you believe that? I spent £6 and came out with Wipes, Eye make-up remover, Facial Scrub, Facial Toner, Moisturiser and eye gel! Basically, the wipes are everything you could want/need in a pack of wipes. They leave the skin clean, soft and smelling wonderful and I’d recommend them on normal-dry skin and not so much oily as I think they have a few oils in them, natural oils which is good for dry skin! Oil on oil, not good!

Eye Make-up Remover;
This is most definitely something that you will always see in my beauty bag! One of the best eye make-up removers I’ve used, ever! It works a bit like nail varnish remover, if you didn’t know, you’re suppose to put some varnish remover on a cotton pad, hold it on your nails until it soaks, if you will…. Then wipe away and it should work wonders! I know it is for the eyes and you shouldn’t have a worry about it going in your eye, but I find if it gets into the tear duct, it will sting a bit. Nothing should sink into your tear duct, very sensitive area! Again, this is a good product that works well and smells fab!

Facial Scrub;
I’ve read a few reviews on this because I like to see if people agree or disagree, in this case I’ll have to admit that it was mostly disagreeing with my opinion! I think this stuff is great! I have psoriasis, as I’ve probably mentioned before! So when I review these creams, toners etc. I am speaking on behalf of what my results were. In this case, I’m delighted to say I loved it and it it quite easy on the skin while ALSO scrubbing deep into the pores and lumpy underskin spots (you know what I mean). I don’t use it every single day, definitely, but I’ll use it as often as I can because it really works to revive and brighten skin. It does exactly what it says it will do, no mucking about telling you it will erase blackheads or it will kill spots. No just a simple face scrub to make sure your skin is well and hydrated while leaving it smooth as sauce!

Facial Toner;
As I said in the first place, I’m a huge fan of all of the Boots Essentials. So I have nearly anything negative to say about any of these products, but I will say, I recommend people with oily skin to steer clear, now I’m no skin expert and maybe I’m a million miles off. I just think that the facial toner is slightly oily and if you don’t pat your face dry properly after it, only then you will notice of it’s oils. The good thing for me is that I don’t have oily skin, I’ve more combo than anything bar when my psoriasis flares up. So I use this after the facial scrub or when I don’t use the facial scrub I just use it after I’ve wiped off all of my make-up, it really does get the excess make-up that you don’t see hidden away in beside your nose or hairline. I love a good toner and to be honest I have a Nivea toner sitting there and an Elizabeth Arden type toner, and I will always grab this one!

Moisturising Lotion;
This reminds me a lot of E45 cream, except it has a nice smell, E45 is basically just plain yoghurt (food on the brain). It has a lovely smell and quite a perfect consistency! I prefer moisturisers that are not too thick so it suited me to the ground! After using the other on my face including the scrub, you have no idea how smooth your skin will be! It’s amazing, and all for £6! I love a good bargain me!

Eye Gel
This is actually only my second time purchasing this one, but so far I’m not seeing drastic results/changes, I work a lot of hours and either myself or the hubby is normally closing so we don’t get to relax until at leat 1am so my sleeping pattern is fried, as am I, so I’ve quite dark circles under my eyes and they’ve recently been looking quite puffy. But I will keep using this eye gel and I’ll write on the FB how I get on. I’ve attached an image so you can see my puffy eyes and smooth skin! FRECKLES ALL MIGHTY would be my porn name, I just know it! LOL 🙂


Next week, I’m going to write about all of my new brushes! I can’t wait to use them, they’re also from boots and they are completely environmental and animal friendly! ❤ Until then my loves, CHLOE X STREETSTYLE!


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