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Hey Pretty Ladies! So today I just thought I’d post a few of the pieces I was lusting inside the world of online fashion; Missguided, Boohoo.com, Pretty Little Things. The main 3 online shopping stores that has the world broke. So My fashion varies from boho chic, as far away from that to gothic type fairy! I like to describe things in a way that my closest friends will get most! If you knew me, you would hear me speak while your reading. So I know it’s quite a late post, but I just got a few free hours and decided I wanted to share this weeks obsessions with you all! If by any chance your heading to Ibiza, Marbella, Croatia, Greece, wherever it may be; we all know you’ll be doing a bit of last minute online shopping! So Missguided has amazing holiday clothes! Actually that’s what most of they’re stock is this month, all I’m seeing is summer clothes. Obviously, if that’s what you’re looking for, good for you! But unfortunately for me, I’m heading nowhere but work in the morning. So I thought i’d fill my temptations with writing about them, you know what they say, if you write out your problems, they don’t seem as bad! So, In no particular order;




This orange set is to DIE for, and they have it styled the exact same way I would myself. Although if i bought it now i’d have to change it up a bit! This is a bit pricey at €49 which is about £34. I’m waiting for the day to be able to go to fashion events like SoSueME & Facesbygrace & HeartsHeels&Handbags (MY ULTIMATE FAVE BLOGGERS!♥).. So I can wear a lady suit. I was genuinely going to wear a lady suit to my debs, only for I was so insecure and afraid of standing out too much! So I went for basically a mini with a chiffon layer (not half as bad) :P.


Above is easily my favourite piece on the day! I LOVE STRIPES.. (and spots!) And this is also €49! I’ll wait until it’s in the sales pet i’m in no rush!


KIMMY K ALERT! Who agrees? I thought so. This is a one piece thank god because I hate the ones that look like one pieces but you have to pay separately, KILLER! So this Khaki midi dress is €39.20 and to be fair, it looks like something that you’d catch with a Balmain tag on it so that is a very reasonable price! This ensemble gives me the Friday feels, I feel like it’s a fancy dinner and drinks later type dress! Sexy and sophisticated!


grey greeyyy
How amazing is this suit? I’m head over heels for this one and the two ways to style it makes it so versatile! I think my next wage will be going to Missguided in exchange for this fabulous lady suit!


DENIM (hearty eyes emoji). My favourite thing about these denims is that they’re so spot on with the 90’s style that I clearly remember my Mam getting dressed into a denim very similar going on to put her Estée Lauder red lippy and spraying her Chanel perfume. I’m so in love with this skirt let alone the outfit all together, I would take full advantage of this skirt and do a denim on denim!



OK Missguided,I have four letters, one word. LOVE.


AZTEC ALERT AZTEC ALERT! I have a few of these little dresses that I pick up every time I see them on special because these are THE most timeless dresses that have ever graced the world of fashion! This one just like one of the above, is also €39.20. I don’t understand why shops do that like, it really gets to me how the prices could be like €2.50 or €15.10 like I understand about the whole 1.99 thing, well to my knowledge I’m guessing it’s to make the objective look cheaper than it is by a Euro or a Pound, whichever. I’m just like PLEASE stop it’s extremely annoying because all of those 1p’s could come in handy instead of leaving them wherever you sit down! Anyway, I’m gone completely off topic! I just love Aztec and I love cute dresses, so this does it for me!



SKIRT LOVE. I think i’d go a different direction with the styling around this skirt, it has so much going on that I could genuinely just wear black or white with this and definitely some statement pieces around my arms and hands! Very simple shoes, but I am loving this skirt and I would love to invite it into my wardrobe.

▲◣◢ ◥▼




khakigrey shirt

Khaki; I’m loving this look so much. The shirt has done it for me, I’m sure that’s only my second time using that phrase, but you know, I kinda feel like I said it a million time already. It’s true though, you could pair this shirt with anything. DO NOT QUOTE ME ON THAT, I should watch what I say, I’ll have Rihanna reading my blog and pairing it with Muhammad Ali’s boxing shorts and heels. Wait, it’s Rihanna, she could totally pull that off! These shorts are also fab! Love the grey/khaki combo!

Grey; Basically I would wear this shirt with anything, in either of these colours. I’m so in love with a baggy shirt and these two are the most perfect colours.


denim dress

Once again, denim-denim-denim! This is so quirky and simply but says so much about the person that’s wearing it, I love pieces that literally tell a lot about a person! I feel like this is edgy/simple/ON POINT.



This outfit is so cute! The top and the shoes, I think they should be beige and then loads of gold jewellery but sure it’s whatever tickles your fancy ey? Her hair should definitely be behind her ears and show a bit of shoulder, even if it’s on one side. Who am I to judge? I’m not, that’s why I’m not judging, just commenting and sharing my opinion. That’s what you’re here for isn’t it! 🙂



Ahhhhhh I love this, I’m loving this whole ensemble! I would change nothing except those shoes, I’m not feeling those with this outfit, I think more a gladiator handle just to bring more details (as if the skirt doesn’t have enough). I love the long necklace and her hair goes perfectly with these neutrals!

Last but not least in my loves of the week!





I’m starting with this one because I’ve been looking for the perfect over-sized shirt for a long time now. In saying that, I’ve seen a few I’d rate average, but I passed because I just wanted to find the most ideal one, the one closest to the one in my imagination! I would LOVE to pair this with a top-hat and a pair of thigh-highs! Deffo some metallic tats with this look! It’s so funky and RIGHT up my street! 


paired withwine 

Can we believe how beautiful this is? I’m loving stylish jumpsuits and dungarees as such, but this dungaree style (Pinafore) dress is the best one i’ve ever seen! Thigh highs are absolutely on FAAAA-LEEEEEK! (Such a stupid saying, sorry girls who think it’s cool). I like to use that word just to ‘take the piss’ if you will. This is my favourite outfit in the whole post. Easily. So go on rich girls, go buy my favourite outfit because I have NO BANK CARD and it is only £20, would you believe? So you can buy it AND instagram it before meeeeeeeeeeeee! lol; I’m just joking around I would love to see this outfit on any of my beauties reading this ❤



This jacket is the BOMBer jacket! I am obsessed. I have one similar but this colour just tops the market! This model is ROCKING it and it’s only £25, which is great because if you have been in Bershka recently, there’s one very similar to this in Khaki and it’s also 25. BUT, not this colour! 


fedora plt

Would you believe that this Fedora style hat is £10. I was in Primark (Penney’s) and the exact same one BARR far less quality, for £15!! Could not believe that this was £10 so I had to add it in.



Speaking of amazing prices; £10. Enough said!



This really reminds me of something you would see on Mybandagedress.com and NO OFFENCE LADIES WHO PURCHASE; It is so expensive, like I couldn’t afford a skirt! LOL. This is such good quality and so beautiful, gorgeous colour and styled perfectly here, with the red/orangy lip and white and black clutch.


OKAY that’s it for today I just wanted to share the items i’ve been lusting this week. Let me know on fb if you can’t find them online, or you want any advice on how to style them, I LOVE YOUR MESSAGES ♡..

I’m just going to throw a few images of some jeans I’ve screen shot!

◎ ● ◯ ◕ ◔ ◐ ◑ ☢ ⊗

jeansstylemgwhite PLTrip[ped pltple rippedblack jeans pltblack plt . 

Chloe X Streetstyle. 



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