George Clothing ☮

 Yes, you read right. Today I’m writing about Asda’s own clothing range George! Simply for the fact that I went in the last week to get a bit of food shopping and literally it was like all the lights shut off and there was a beaming spotlight shining on this faux suede jacket in such a beautiful colour. I fell in love and HAD to buy it, so I though maybe this is chance, maybe they got one thing right, anyway I had a good look around and couldn’t believe what I was missing all this time I was in London! I know most of my readers here are Irish, but for the few that I’ve met in London and surrounding areas that have Asda, you should give Asda a second chance for clothing, if you haven’t already that is! I kind of discounted Asda for finding the perfect pair of jeans or fashionable jacket. I just didn’t think it would be anything like it is! I kind of thought it would be like Tesco’s, now Tesco’s isn’t that bad, I would definitely buy school shoes in there back in the day, or comfy socks. Sometimes there was really nice cardigans in there I’ll give them that! But as far as fashion goes, Asda is way ahead of Tesco’s! So let me show you exactly why I thought some of their clothes were worthy of a blog about them! I’d hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised! AND I didn’t mention at the start, HEY IRELAND, you can purchase any of these pieces online along with many more beautiful pieces!! I’m going to write the price of each item also because you will just be amazed at the price and a honestly the quality of the pieces would give Zara a run for their money! 

I’ll start with this Faux Suede Jacket because this is the reason I’m writing this post! ♥ 11845067_1202581783101008_7149453763473423247_ogeorge suede

Okay I could’ve sworn I remember the price of this being £25, but apparently Online it’s £30, which is not much of a difference but I do wonder if i’m just getting that wrong or it’s cheaper in store? Anyway, I love it. It hasn’t came off my back, the colour of this is honestly nicer in real life! ♥

Formal Mac Coat, 25£

So of course, I’ll have to add in the classic Mac Jacket, this one is borderline identical to the one we had in DKNY, once upon a time when I worked in retail and my life was complete. MOVING ON…. lol! Very very similar, except the price… This one is £25 while if I remember correctly, the one in DKNY was €105 (Obviously it’s quite a big brand so even the price of it at that was good). But this one, I managed to see in store in Asda, so I can tell you first hand, there’s not much of a difference between the quality of the more expensive one and this one! Although i’d never diss DKNY as I love everything about it! Funny story about this coat when I worked in DKNY in Kildare Village, Suzanne Jackson, creator or Sosueme & SOSU, came in for a gander, Imaginably I freaked out, and literally asked for her signature. Anyway, swiftly moving on, she bought the mustard colour one of these in store and literally so many of them sold after that. They went as quick as PIE! She has the ability to make something sell out of a designer store! MAGIC! ♥35 belted textured coat

Honestly, I know quite a lot of you might not like this. I reckon if i saw it this time last year I’d buy it for my granny, but I don’t know it has a supermodel kind of vibe to it! I’d love to wear it rocking a red lip and red soled heels! Or maybe a monochrome ensemble! This one too is priced at £35, which is so good because it’s such a heavy warm coat! Not to mention fashionable! ♥

25 Check Coat

Priced at just £25, you can’t really go wrong, I saw something, again, almost identical to this one here in Topshop for £85! I think it’s an off white so you wouldn’t be able to put white with it, but realistically you can put what you want! Each to their own etc…. I think i’d wear a bright lip with this or a dark red! Love it anyway and I can’t believe the price! ♥typical army green parka jacket 25

Parka Jackets will be around forever in my opinion, you’ll always be better off having a parka jacket somewhere hidden at home! They’re so great for the winter and even better for throwing together an outfit and this jacket seems to always make your outfit seem better no matter how many times you’ve worn it! & at £25, you can’t go wrong with that!  ❤boyf jeans £25

How UHHHH-MAZING are these Ripped Boyfriend Jeans? They are so fab and at an even more FAB price! I tried these on, unfortunately on the day I didn’t have enough cash on me so I couldn’t get them, but I’ll definitely be going back for them! You’re not going to believe! I want to have you guess! But I won’t, I’ll sing mercy in your ears with the price of TWENTY FIVE POUNDS for these bad boys!! There are plenty of more gorgeous jeans on the official George @ Asda Website, I just wanted to give some ideas! ♥

paisley printed aztec £14

AHHHHH AZTEC, PAISLEY PRINTED AZTEC! I’m head over heels and want these added to the warfam ASAP! These we £14 I’m pretty sure…. Not fully but almost fully 😛

floral 10

These fab floral shorties for just £10! Great quality and so stylish! Short and simple.. ♥

asda blue £25

I don’t even have to talk about how FABULOUS this is. I’ll just tell you, it is online for £25!! ♥

printed gym trousers £10gym £8

Workout pants- £10                                Workout tee- £8

athletic work £10

Just another example; £10


Eeeeeeek VINTAGE! Last, not least,1950’s style beautiful orange midi skirt! I’m in heaven! This is so beautiful and it would be FAB paired with a white and black striped crop top! And little black lace heels and a black clutch! Deffo ❤

Thanks for reading my post today. Hopefully you find something that you love because I know I did and will again! It’s not hard to find something with so many amazing pieces! I hope you were pleasantly surprised by this post today and enjoyed every bit of it!

☮ ✌ ☮ ✌ ☮ ✌ ☮ ✌ ☮ ✌ ☮ ✌



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